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This page has contains a variety of items about St Mary's Bay and St Mary in the Marsh.

Damian Collins MP
Other St Mary' Bays
Pirates Springs
Recreation Ground


Damian Collins MP

Damian Collins is the MP for Folkestone and Hythe, which includes St Mary's Bay and St Mary in the Marsh. Damian was elected in May 2010 as MP and he is also a member of the House of Commons Select Committee for Culture, Media, Sport and the Olympics. He lives in Elham with his wife and children.

You can contact Damian as follows:

    by post: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
    Telephone icon  020 7219 7072 (House of Commons)  01303 253524 (Folkestone)
    Email icon email

For more information about Damian, please visit his Website icon website.

Other St Mary' Bays

St. Mary's Bay, Devon
iSt. Mary's Bay in Devon is a sand and shingle beach located near the fishing town of Brixham, Devon, UK

St. Mary's Bay, Scilly Isles
St. Mary's Bay on the Silly Isles is a large bay with the town of St Marys at its head.

Saint Marys Bay, New Zealand
Saint Marys Bay is an Auckland suburb in New Zealand.

St. Marys Bay, Nova Scotia
St. Marys Bay (French: baie Sainte-Marie). Nova Scotia is a bay located in western Nova Scotia, Canada, in Digby County.

Pirates Springs

Pirates Springs is the area around Coast Drive in St Mary's Bay.
Now known for being a good place for sea fishing, it is named after a  home for mentally handicapped children that was located in Coast Drive close to the beach, run by the National Society for Mentally Handicapped Children (now Mencap).

Pirates Springs
Pirates Springs in times past 

After closing in the 1980s there followed a brief period as a hotel and country club in the 1990s. The Springs Community now provides sheltered housing accommodation for people with the special needs.
The Pirate Springs shingle beach is an easy access mark in Hythe Bay where a shingle reclamation project provides a clean beach that gives access to a sand and mud shoreline patterned with gullies and groyne-end holes.  

Map icon location map

Recreation Ground

At the west end of St Mary's Bay, off of Jefferstone Lane, there is a large recreation ground suitable for ball games, dog walking etc. There are some swings for smaller children.
There are car parking facilities.

Recreation Ground