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St Mary in the Marsh The Parish Council

The Parish Council
Minutes of Meetings
 Twinning Agreement
Parish Accounts

General Data Protection Regulations
Code of Conduct for Members
Contacting The Parish Council
 Land and Buildings owned by the Parish Council
St. Mary in the Marsh Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council

The Parish of St. Mary in the Marsh comprises of the villages of St Mary in the Marsh and St Mary's Bay and their adjacent rural areas. [see Parish Boundary Map]

The first Parish Meeting was held in 4 December 1895. On 20 April 1934, there was the first meeting of the St.Mary's and All Saints Parish Council. The first meeting of the St. Mary in the Marsh Parish Council was held on 6 May 1948.

Councillor's responsibility is to bring local issues to the attention of the council and help it make decisions on behalf of the local community.
For a complete record of Councillors elected since 1934, please click here

The current (August 2017) Parish Council is:

    Cllr G Allison Chairman
    Cllr P Millen

    Cllr A Sinden

    Cllr T Wilson
    Cllr M Wilson
    Cllr R Tillson
    Cllr T Cooper

    Mrs G Smith Parish Clerk          contacting the council

Code of Conduct for Members

In accordance with the Localism Act 2011, this parish council adopted the new Code of Conduct on 2 August 2012. You can read the code here. You can view individual council members Register of Interests here.


Parish Council Meetings are generally held on the first Thursday each month at 7pm in the Committee Room of the Village Hall, Jefferstone Lane in St Mary's Bay.

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of Parish Council meetinga are are available to read, download and/or print from this website in pdf icon.pdf file format. To be able to read, download and/or print pdf icon.pdf files you require a free pdf icon.pdf reader. If you do not have such a reader, you can download one for free, either from Foxit or Adobe.

Meetings 2018
Council Meeting 4 January 2018
Council Meeting 1 February 2018

Council Meeting 1 March 2018
Annual Parish Meeting 5 April 2018
Council Meeting 5 April 2018
Annual General Meeting 3 May 2018
Council Meeting 7 June 2018
Council Meeting 5 July 2018
Council Meeting 2 August 2018
Council Meeting 6 September 2018
Council Meeting 4 October 2018
Council Meeting 1 November 2018
Council Meeting 6 December 2018

Meetings 2017
Council Meeting 5 January 2017
Council Meeting 2 February 2017

Council Meeting 2 March 2017
Annual Parish Meeting 6 April 2017
Council Meeting 6 April 2017
Annual General Meeting 4 May 2017
Council Meeting 1 June 2017
Council Meeting 6 July 2017
Council Meeting 3 August 2017
Council Meeting 7 September 2017
Council Meeting 5 October 2017
Council Meeting 2 November 2017
Council Meeting 7 December 2017

         Council Meetings 2016           Council Meetings 2015        Council Meetings 2014

Parish Accounts

Smaller Authorities Transparency Code was introduced on 1 April 2015 and requires the on-line publication of certain information which the Government requests, to provide taxpayers with a clear picture of the authority’s activities and spending. You can view the audited Parish Accounts for 2017/18, Annual Governance Statement 2017/18 and External Auditor Report and Certificate 2017/2018.

Land and Buildings owned by the Parish Council

  1. The parish council owns the land of the village hall site. The village hall is registered with the custodian of Trustees.
  2. Land opposite St. Mary the Virgin Church, St. Mary in the Marsh, is owned by the parish council and the land is leased for 99 years to St. Mary in the Marsh Project Fund Charity.
  3. Glebe Land, play park and hut next to St. Mary the Virgin Church, St. Mary in the Marsh.
  4. Recreation Ground, Jefferstone Lane.
  5. Land immediately adjacent to and the slipway at St. Mary’s Bay seafront

St. Mary in the Marsh Neighbourhood Plan

St Mary in the Marsh Parish Council has prepared a Neighbourhood Plan, covering the period 2017 to 2028, to provide an opportunity for local people to help shape the approach to future development of the Parish.

Neighbourhood Plans were introduced in the “Localism Act” 2012. They provide a measure to meet the Government’s aim to give local communities more say in the planning of the places in which they live and work.

This Plan has been prepared through an interactive process with local people and has included public consultation through the use of surveys and public meetings.

Read the St. Mary in the Marsh Neighbourhood Plan.

Contacting The Parish Council

You can contact St Mary in the Marsh Parish Council as follows:

Cllr Graham Allison Chairman

Mrs G Smith Parish Clerk

          Clerk's Office Village Hall
          Jefferstone Lane
          St Mary's Bay
          Romney Marsh
          Kent TN29 OSW

          Telephone Icon 01303 874341
          Email Icon
          or use the contact form below

To contact individual Councillors, please click here

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