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Twinning Agreement

St Mary in the Marsh Parish Council and Saint Andre Town Council signed the second part of a Twinning Agreement on Saturday 17 October 2015 at St. Mary the Virgin Church, St. Mary in the Marsh.

Twinning Agreement 17 October 2015
 Graham Allison, Chairman of the Parish Council and Nigel Ward, the Chairman of the
Twinning Association and others, welcome the French contingency.

The Twinning Agreement has been two years in the making with discussions and links being formed between the two areas.

Saint Andre is situated just before Lille, France, making it easy to get to for day trips. Saint Andre is a much larger parish than St. Mary’s, but with the support of neighbouring parishes Dymchurch and New Romney Town Council,  who are willing for the Parish Council to use their facilities, we have been able to attract and offer more to a twinning arrangement.

Saint Andre hold a Europa Day each year and would like to offer a music or dance group the opportunity to perform at the event next year. Any group interested in participating should contact the chairman of St. Mary in the Marsh Twinning Association Nigel Ward, 01303 873766.

Saint Andre is also keen to host sporting events, so any local team interested in playing a team from St. Andre, please let Nigel know.  If you would like to join the twinning association, and be kept up to date with twinning initiatives  Nigel can send you an application form.

Signing the Agreement

Graham Allison, Chairman St. Mary in the Marsh Parish Council

Madame Elisabeth Masse, Deputy Mayor, St. Andre Town Council

Nigel Ward, Chairman St. Mary in the Marsh Twinning Association

Jean-Camille Contant, Chairman of St. Andre Twinning Association


Signing the Twinning Agreement



Elaina Priestley, Artist, presenting Madam Elisabeth Masse, Deputy Mayor, with a an original painting she has produced of St. Mary in the Marsh Church (where the Twinning Agreement was signed)


All Photos on this page courtesy of The Looker